I am a VFX/CG artist specialized in Effects both for animation and live action feature films. I am extremely passionate about my work, since in it I have found the perfect balance of artistic creativity and technical wizardry, a fertile ground where many of my hobbies and passions meet.

While my focus is now in film VFX, I have a background in audiovisual engineering. As a VFX/CG artist, I have a generalist background, having done in the past all the types of work ( modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, matchmove, compositing, editing, etc.) involved in a production of professional level.

Besides, as a filmmaker I have produced, directed and worked hands-on on several award-winning short-films, and am ready to lead any small video/film project from preproduction (writing, concept, storyboarding, animatics) to completion.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please contact me.


  • 2012 "Skyfall" - Lead Effects TD for MPC
  • 2012 "Prometheus" - Senior Effects TD for MPC
  • 2012 "Wrath of The Titans" - Senior Effects TD for MPC
  • 2011 "John Carter" - Effects TD for MPC
  • 2011 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2" - Effects TD for MPC
  • 2010 "The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader" - Effects TD for MPC
  • 2010 Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" - Effects TD for MPC
  • 2009 "Planet 51" animation feature - Effects Artist/TD
  • 2006 "Bichos Raros" short film - CG Artist

  • 2007 "Jugones" on Canal+ Spain - 3D Character Animator

Why "Dark Side of the Sun"?

My name Mayec/Magec was the name of the Sun-God of the Guanches, the ancient people of the Canary Islands, my father's homeland and my homeland-at-heart.

The Dark Side represents my imaginative and creative side, which in balance with the Bright Side, my intellect and knowledge, conform the personal toolbox I bring into all my works and projects. "Dark Side of the Sun" also conjures a quite strong paradox, and for me paradoxes are an endless source of inspiration.

My Signature

In 2005 I came up with the actual design for my signature, which I use in my personal illustrations. My initial M, inside a horizon-cut circle, becomes the graphic representation of the island of Tenerife upon the sea, with the recognizable form of the Teide mountain, and the sun rising over it.

This concept is based on Guanche mythology (see "Why Dark Side of the Sun? "). In the Guanche legends, Echeyde (the original name of Teide) denoted hell, home of Guayota, the demon of evil. Guayota kidnapped Mayec (God of the Sun), and captured him inside the Teide. The benevolent god Achamán later defeated Guayota, freeing Mayec from the depths of the Teide.