CG/3D Scripts

Here are gathered scripts that I created, many years ago, for my own projects or for fun. Since they could be useful to others, I decided to share them for free. You can use these scripts and tools in any type of project, as long as I am properly credited. However, you would do so under your full responsibility, and I can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from their use.

If you enjoy any of these scripts, show your appreciation by making a donation using the button below, or just getting in touch. I always love to hear more about all the creative uses you have given to these tools!

Demo Videos

MAYA (MEL/Python)

Filename Date Description Tested Maya versions 2011/05/14 (Python) Centralizes visibility/simulation control of all dynamic nodes in a scene. 2011x64 2011/02/05 (MEL) Creates an optimized setup to simulate dozens of flying/falling tree leaves. 2011x64,2009x64


Filename Date Description Tested 3ds max versions 2010/09/30 creates an optimized fast & stable simulation rig for a chain (free or constrained). 2010x64 2010/01/12 Creates a .mov file from a render sequence, even in x64 versions of max (wich is not allowed by default). You need to have Quicktime installed. 2010x64 2009/12/25 Attaches a Point Dummy to an object's geometric center or a specific vertex. 2010x64 2009/04/12 (macroScript)
Creates a .mov preview, even in x64 versions of max (wich is not allowed by default). You need to have Quicktime installed.
2009x64, 2010x64 2009/03/21 (macroScript)
For all selected objects, sets specified common parameter to specified value.
(Won't work in v.8 or previous because script requires .NET support)
Reactor_setRealMass_v1 2009/02/19 For selected objects, sets their Reactor mass depending on their volume and specified density of their material. 2009, 8 2010/05/08 (macroScript)
Bakes source object's transform animations to target object.
2009, 8


Filename Date Description Dependencies 2009/04/12 Windows Command-line script. Converts a numbered image sequence to a .mov quicktime movie. You need to have Quicktime installed.